Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick Kitty Update

The news is in and it's as good as it can get. Mickey has severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It's treatable and not cancer. WHEW! I think we can now leave for Alaska with a semblance of peace of mind. Our friend Amy (thank you very much) is housesitting for us so she can keep an eye on the cats for us and the vet is sending someone over everyday to give Mickey his meds. That service costs but Mickey is such a poop about taking medicine it's worth it to us to not lose Amy's friendship. (ha)
Mickey will start chemo-like meds when we get back and, hopefully, it will go well and he'll get better. We also have to change his diet eventually to high protein game like venison and duck. I wish we were in Pensacola...I could get all the venison I want from my bro-in-law.
So, goodish news 3 days before we depart on our cruise. I think maybe we can relax now.

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Cassie said...

Man...can Mickey have dinner guests? Of course, I'd want my venison cooked!