Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ballard Art Walk

"Oh, the hilarity! Collage artist Marty Gordon's weird world sits at the intersection of pop culture and deep thought. Put on your space helmet and enjoy."

This is the caption I found that described my art when I opened the map for the Ballard Art Walk tonight. I don't know who wrote it but it's really great! I'm going to ask if I can use it in the future. Sarah and I hit the streets of Ballard tonight for the event. It was kind of first. Here's a blow by blow.

- We stopped by ReMax to see who Andrew was hosting tonight. (Andrew hosted me back in October) We were met with some very nice black and white photography courtesy of Thomas Krueger. It made me long for the chemical smell of a darkroom. Good stuff.

- We wandered down the street to see my stuff at Secret Garden Bookstore. I didn't hang it so I wanted to see how it looked. It was great. Near the front they had a little display set up with some of my cards scattered about and a list of my favorite books. Nice.

- Not knowing where to go (crappy map) we finally decided to see what was going on across the street. We entered a little shop called Velouria and I found that the artist, James Caudle, graduated from the University of West alma mater. I chatted with him a bit, found out his mom lives in Milton not too far from where my parents live. So weird. Small world. Loved his art.

- We jumped back in the jeep and drove a ways to get to the next place. We had seen some art at the West Seattle Art Walk that we really liked and found out that she would be part of the monthly opening at Building C. What a great place! Fantastic studios and some really great art! We found our artist, Diane Culhane and she was really nice. Sarah and I chatted her up for a while. Sarah really loved her art and I had to literally drag her out of there. The studio space there is amazing. I was so envious. I would really love to have a studio where I can be free to express myself in any way I see fit. I really want somewhere that I can sling the paint around. One day perhaps. One day.

After that overload of art we headed home. I'm so glad we ventured out tonight. I hated that we had to miss the Twilight party in West Seattle but there was just too much going on to do both events. I've got to get out and see more art. It's essential. Gotta do it. No ifs, ands or buts. Art and music are the two things in my life that energize and inspire me the most and I feel like I don't spend enough time with either of them.

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