Friday, January 11, 2008

West Seattle Art Walk

Last night, Sarah and I headed over to the West Seattle Art Walk. My work is hanging at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and I also used the opportunity to drop off some new work at Twilight's new place in West Seattle. My smaller, less expensive collages are selling really well so I did 10 more. They are gearing up for their grand opening celebration on Saturday night. We hope to drop by for a moment but we need to hit the Ballard Art Walk that night since my stuff is also hanging there as well.
While artwalking, we met some very cool people. Ginomai is an art space run by a church that provides studio space for artists on a donation basis. Very cool. If we lived closer I'd be all over that. We also met someone who has a funky furniture store and they might be interested in having our art there as well.
The coolest thing of the night was running into Patrick from the West Seattle Herald. They have done a video about the artwalk featuring yours truly and Cheryl and Mary from Twilight. More exposure. I'll take it.

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