Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas in Iowa Part 6

Malls and Malls and Goods and Goods (12/26/07)
We woke up early and got ready for a day of shopping. We hit a couple of thrift stores in Iowa City and I found some great books for collage. Sarah found an antique pin cushion for $4 that we had seen in Galena for over $300 in a consignment shop. Around lunchtime, we met Sarah’s friend Susan and her husband at the mall for lunch and conversation. They are nice folks and we had a good visit. We gave them some art and they gave me a Weird Al t-shirt (they had seen him in concert the month before) and Sarah got a scarf that Susan made. We topped the visit off with ice cream at Whitey’s (an Iowa favorite) and headed for home. Sarah's parents got us a suitcase at Goodwill so we could bring all of our Christmas loot home. He spent a little time packing, laid around watching the boob tube for a while and then her mom and dad went to Solon High School to hear Bill Clinton speak. We toyed with going but in the end chose to stay home and get to bed.
Politics vs. sleep? Sleep wins every time.

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