Thursday, January 31, 2008

iGot My iPod Back...

...but not without drama. The concept of "the customer is always right" is dead. Instead, the concept today must be "the customer is to be treated like the dumbest creature on the planet but not so badly that they won't continue to give us their business."
First, I have to call Best Buy because it's been longer than they said it would be before my iPod would be returned to me. They say, "Oh, it's here." I of course say, "And were you going to call me?" Then I listened to an explanation of their automated calling service instead of hearing, "I'm so sorry we didn't call you." Then they tell me that "they" (whoever they are that works on iPods...probably mutated subterannean albino lab rats) didn't fix it because they couldn't replicate the problem. My response: "Well, do I pick it up or do you send it back because it's not freakin' fixed." I am then told that they can't do anything unless I come in. Why? I have no idea.
So, I headed over to Best Buy. Well, they repeat that they didn't fix it but they probably rebooted it so it should work. They double check it and it seems to be working fine. Then I hear, "Well, since they found no fault there's a charge of $34.00." Well, I of course say, "I'm not paying Jack Squat." I got the 3 year extended warranty so that I wouldn't have to. Again, he repeats about the finding no fault and I remind him that they replicated the problem before it went to the shop. So, he scurries off to talk to a supervisor and I am left to steam in my own juices. In the end, I paid nothing. I got my iPod and left. It seems to be working so far. We'll see.
I am just so tired of dealing with this kind of crap. Best Buy has this Geek Squad that's supposed to help you with your problems. Basically you end up dealing with a kid who's voice cracks and can't grow facial hair. I'm sure they got the job because they know all the cheat codes for Halo 3 and can hack into Facebook to draw moustaches on people's profile photos. Arrrgh! If I didn't love technology so much I'd so wish for an EMP to return us to a simpler life. I'm just about ready to go live with the Amish.
If I can keep my iPod. And my laptop. And my TV. And...

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