Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas in Iowa Part 6

Christmas Day (12/25/07)
We woke up around 9 and stumbled out into the main room. For breakfast, we had the traditional Christmas stollen, a German dessert that is very good. After that, we began to open presents. The best gifts I got were gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and JC Penney. Sarah got me Mary Poppins and Amadeus on DVD. In addition to the purse I gave her previous to the trip (so she could use it) I got her Groovelily’s A Little Midsummer’s Night Music CD. Among the other gifts we got (her parents bought us an extra suitcase at Goodwill so we could get all the loot home) were candles, various Hot Wheel cars, cookies, candy, books, coasters, and other various weirdness. Sarah told her mom to take it easy but she didn’t listen.
After the mayhem of gift exchange, we had a great lunch of turkey and appropriate accoutrements. It was yummy! Mid-afternoon, Sarah’s mom realized that there were other gifts hidden in the closet so we had Christmas Part II.
Later in the afternoon, we took a walk back into town and explored a few streets we missed previously. Once we returned to her parent's house, the rest of the day was spent being lazy and snacking on Christmas leftovers.

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