Monday, January 28, 2008

Reality Check - Being An Artist

I found this over at the Art News Blog. It also links to the original story where this list came from. The 5 points below are from an article by Sylvia White called "5 Facts Artists Have To Face To Succeed In Business". She calls it her cold water splash in the face for artists. Here are the 5 points..

- You will not get "discovered."
- You will not find a gallery that "understands your work" and feels as passionately about it as you do.
- No matter how original you think your work is, it has been done before.
- Just because your work looks just like Jackson Pollock, (or, fill in the blank) doesn't mean it's as good, or that you can price it the same.
- You will not be able to make a living off the sale of your work.

These make good sense. Luckily for me I have a good deal of common sense and pretty much know these things deep down in my heart. It's nice to dream but I know that there are thousands upon thousands of artists out there competing for the measly scraps of shows and money and encouragement that are available to them. My goals are simply to continue making art because it is fun and it is something that I have to do. While I am trying my hand at making some money doing it I don't expect to ever make a living doing my art. I do not agree with the author when she says "You will not be able to make a living off the sale of your work." There are some people who accomplish this. I won't say I'm going to be one of them but it could happen. For now, I will remain satisfied that I am making good art that people enjoy and if any money comes in as a result of that, I'll count myself blessed, keep my head soundly planted on my shoulders and keep plugging away.

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