Sunday, January 04, 2009

Art in 2009

We just got back from picking up some money from art sales so I thought I'd fill the blogosphere in on my plans for 2009.
- I will not be doing as many shows as 2008. If I can plan one for every other month, that will be enough. Last year I had a show nearly every month and it was hectic. So far, I am booked thru the middle of the year.
- I will be more particular about shows in the future. The show I had lined up for Dec. was cancelled at the last minute and I have heard nothing else from the person in charge. I am out a few bucks and I feel as though I was scammed.
- I hope to start selling my work online. I will checking into that as soon as finances allow. I think this is the next step for my art. We'll see.
- I sent my stuff in for the book my work is going to be in. The book will be called Masters: Collage published by Lark Books in spring of 2010. I'll provide more info as it's available.
I guess that's about it. Not much on the horizon right now. Not sure where to go except for the possibility of selling on the internet. I do know that I will continue to produce art no matter what.
The business stuff is secondary to the creative process.

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