Sunday, January 04, 2009


Superman: Last Son by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and Adam Kubert
This one intrigued me since it includes Donner. I've always loved what he did with the Superman movie and am looking forward to seeing his director's cut for Superman II. This story continues in that particular universe as if Donner had never stopped. It's an interesting next step and certainly more interesting than Bryan Singer's lackluster treatment of Supes. I can't talk about it much more or I'd spoil it for you.
Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1 by Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee and Scott Williams
This one was pretty boring. I usually like Jim Lee's art but it looks too sterile here. I really liked it in Batman: Hush when he darkened up a bit. I guess Supes can't go too dark. Anyway, the story was uninteresting and the writing seemed herky-jerky to me. I suppose I'll see if the library has the second volume but volume 1 didn't really make me want to continue.
Doctor 13: Architecture and Mortality by Brian Azzerello and Cliff Chang
This is a weird graphic novel. It makes use of crappiest characters ever conceived in the DC universe all pulled together in a story by the character of Doctor 13. In the story, "the Architects - shapers of the universe - don't have room for these misfits in their new world order. Can professional debunker Doc 13 unmask their secret? And if he does, will even he believe it?" So, it was enjoyable enough. Good art. Not much else to say, really.
The Dark Horse Book of Monsters by Keith Giffen, Mike Mignola, Al Milgrom and others
This one is part of an anthology series put out by Dark Horse. I'm hoping to find the rest via the library. Of course, this one is filled with short stories dealing with monsters. Some are good (like the Mignola and Giffen stories) and others are not. Mignola's Hellboy is always a treat. Giffen's story is interesting in that it deals with the advent of superheroes and how that affects scientist/adventurers like the Challengers of the Unknown. After these two stories, the rest are only so-so.


Anonymous said...

Is that picture on the post by Jim Lee. There was a time when I could have easily spotted his work but I have been out of comics for the last 6 or 7 years with the exception of Buffy, Angel and Star Wars Legacy/Vector.

What Would Jesus Glue? said...

The pic on the post is the cover to Last Son so it must be Adam Kubert.

Mark Bushor said...

You always read/review the coolest looking graphic novels, etc.

A couple questions:

Which are your top recommendations? And where do you get them? Do you find them in your local library or some other source.

I'm curious because I'm a big Batman fan but haven't read most of the graphic novels out there.

Need some suggestions...

Stay inside & stay warm!
Mark Bushor