Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Places I've Lived

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We moved back to Pensacola when I was in the 6th grade and into this house. It looks terrible compared to how it looked back then. Scroll to the left and you'll see apartments. Back then that was all woods. The woods were full of trails and forts and treehouses. It was a great place to play. There were a lot of kids in the neighborhood too. Some were good and others not so good. I met my high school/college best friend Kevin on that street. We had some great times on in that neighborhood and some not so great times. There was always some kind of feud going on between good kids and bad kids. I remember some interesting skirmishes. I kicked a kid in the front teeth once when his he and his brother jumped me. Kevin's little brother Kerry threw a rock point blank into a kids teeth. I once threw a piece of plastic at an irritating neighbor kid and it smashed his parent's car windshield. Another interesting thing that happened in the 'hood was when our next door neighbors house burned to the ground. It was later discovered to have been set by them for the insurance money.
The house was interesting. My parents and sister's bedrooms were on the west side of the house and mine was on the opposite end. My room had a door that lead to the outside. I wasn't rebellious at that point in my life so I never did any sneaking out. It would have been the perfect bedroom for a rebellious kid. Behind the house was a garage/playroom. We had all our toys stashed out there. It was a mess.
Favorite memories are: when we staged a burial at Halloween and I got down in the grave to help the "corpse" crawl into the tunnel we had concocted (no wonder I'm claustrophobic); riding mini-bikes around the trails near our house; playing GI Joe constantly; putting on fake concerts while lip syncing to Kiss and other 70's groups; hanging out at Kevin's house. Wow. There are so many. I just can't name them all.

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Hi Marty the different glues I use are matte gels,yes glue,stick glues,sometimes I cover pieces with gells or varnishes...but then you know all this collage stuff! hugs Joy