Friday, January 30, 2009

Places I've Lived

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After Auburn, I returned to Pcola, got a job as a screen printer and basically went into survival mode. The 2-3 years between Auburn and going to seminary is pretty fuzzy. Here's what I do remember.
At some point, my friend Darren and I rented an apartment from his then girlfriend's dad. (it isn't on Google Street View) It was way the heck out off of Pine Forest Road. I worked in Pace. For those of you from that area, that's a pretty good drive. Luckily, we didn't stay at that place for long. We eventually moved in to a 3 BR house (above) with our friend Rew. That house is on the same street that my parents built their first house on. This house was the second house on the street and was built before we moved to Georgia. It was built and lived in by the Stinson's, grandparents to some friends of mine. So, here I am back on the same street I basically started life on. Pretty strange.
So, for 2-3 years I worked as a screen printer (hated that job), hung out with friends, and tried to figure out my next step. Somewhere in that span of time I got on a health kick. I lifted weights, played raquetball 2-3 times a week and dieted. I lost 32 lbs and had some muscle on me. Beyond that, I can't remember anything significant from that time period.
Oh, eventually we had to move out of the house because Rew and Susan got married. I think I moved back home but it wasn't long before I was headed to seminary. Now, that's a story. I'll probably have to deal with that one in several parts.

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