Sunday, January 18, 2009

Places I've Lived

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Here is the house on Plainfield Ave. It was the first house on that street before the street even had a name. Now it's a neigborhood surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants and apartment buildings. We lived there until I was in the second grade when Daddy got stationed at the air base in Warner Robbins, Ga.
I have great memories of this house. It was completely surrounded by woods so it was a great place to play. I had many favorite spots to hide out in those woods. Behind our house was a mound built up by the Spanish to build a railroad on but it was never completed. I was told there was another mound just like it to the east of the house but I never looked for it. I remember when we had a pet squirrel named Sammy. He lived in a birdcage in our house until daddy built him a pen out in the yard. The next day we went out and Sammy was gone. So much for my dad's squirrel pen building skills. I learned how to ride a bike on the street in front of that house. I caught my very first bus to school from that house. I had my very first pet dog (Rover) while at that house.
Sarah and I visited that house when we were in Pcola in April of last year. They were having a yard sale so we stopped and talked to them a bit. I had hoped they would invite me to see the inside but they didn't. Oh, well. I can still see it in my mind's eye.

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