Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Good Week at Goodwill

We did pretty well thrifting this week. Here's what we found.
- Sarah went on Thursday and bought a beautiful, large handmade quilt for $20.
- I went by there today just to have something to do and found...
A pair of pants for work - 7.99
2 out of print Lost Dogs CDs (Scenic Routes and Little Red Riding Hood) - 2.99 each
Star Trek TNG: Nemesis on DVD - 4.99
Liberty Meadows: Creature Comforts by Frank Cho - 1.99
Gotham by Gaslight - .99
Batman: The Killing Joke - .99
and a book to cut up for collage - 2.99
So, a pretty good haul to say the least since we usually don't find such great treasures in abundance. Some might look down their nose at thrifting but I love the hunt for buried treasure. Just call it the cheap pirate in me.

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