Saturday, June 02, 2007

Alaskan Cruise Journal # 6

Friday May 25th 2:25 pm
Having just eaten lunch, we are back in the room resting. We're very tired today. I guess it's good that we're home tomorrow because we're both exhausted. It's a good exhausted though. It's a restful stupor...a zombification by vacation kind of feeling.
This morning we slept late and went to the b'fast buffet. I'm going to miss that sucker. We then went to the Card Room for a couple of more games of Scrabble. (We played yesterday) It's a fun game. We should play more at home.
Going back in time, we had dinner w/ Steve and Justine last night. While we were eating the ship emerged from the fog that had encased it since mid-afternoon. It was then that the whale spotting began. Several were seen breaching off the starboard side. (Trivia: Who said, "Cap'n, there be whales here.") After dinner we weighed our options and decided on chilling in the room. If I haven't said it already...we're tired.
We await our last stop, Victoria BC, where we will have time for one last off ship adventure. Tomorrow morning we arrive back in Seattle and home. It's been a great vacation. It's gone by so slowly I feel like we've been gone a month.

Afterthoughts: During our last dinner, the crew made a big show of serving Baked Alaska. For those of you who don't know (I didn't) it's an ice cream cake set on fire. It was pretty good.
The fog that rolled in that afternoon was eerie. We couldn't see beyond about 100 yards away from the ship. They kept blasting the foghorn and if you were anywhere near the thing, you were deaf.
All in all, it was a low key day at sea.


Cassie said...

Mr. Scott of course! I love that movie!

becca said...

My favorite Start Trek movie... There are so many fun moments in this one. Nimoy (as the director) sprinkles humour throughout which allows us to enjoy the relationships and situation.