Saturday, June 23, 2007

Art Stuff

Well, the traffic has slowed back down on my gallery site. I had hoped the momentum would continue for longer but, alas, it has not. I've looked for other sites to submit my work to but haven't found any. I'll keep looking when I have time.
The show at the coffeehouse is looming larger over the horizon. I have much to do. The biggest hurtle is actually finishing some more collages and then buying frames for them. My goal was to have all new stuff for this show so that friends who showed up wouldn't see the same stuff from the ArtWalk. I'll probably be able to make that goal but the frames will give me a financial kick in the butt. Here's hoping I sell at least a couple of pieces in the next couple of months.
As of right now, I have about 23 pieces framed and on display somewhere in Seattle. When the August show gets up and running I will probably have about 24 more pieces hanging around at various places including the 4 I am sending to Pensacola for the alumni show. I think that's pretty good.
My friend Jeff called me prolific the other day. I was flattered but I didn't agree with him wholeheartedly because when I think of prolific I have an image of some other friends of mine who seemingly produce vast amounts of high quality work. I guess they are my standard for prolific. If I am not willing to accept the tag of prolific I will at least accept consistent.
In addition to all I've mentioned already I have sent out inquiries to a few other galleries and sent artwork to Juxtapoz magazine for inclusion in their Reader Art feature. I know they are backlogged by about 2 months but at least they are polite enough to email you when they put your stuff up.
So, that's my art news for now. I think I needed to write this just to get it all straight in my head. I'm thankful for the opportunities but I am apprehensive that it might all go away. I'm trying to figure out ways to keep the momentum going. I'm glad that my making art doesn't revolve around getting my stuff out to the world. Whether I'm seen or not I will continue to do it. Making art makes me happy. I think that maybe that should be enough?

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