Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Thunder of Time by James F. David - "David's debut, Footprints of Thunder (1995), remains his most popular novel, and this long-overdue sequel should please fans by returning to the scene of a present-day Earth devastated by catastrophic time rifts and rampaging Cretaceous-era dinosaurs. At the close of Footprints, the president had detonated a nuclear weapon near Seattle to seal the rifts and confine the dinosaurs to nature preserves. Now more rifts than before are appearing worldwide, and a mysterious, pyramid-like structure, which closely resembles another found on the moon, is discovered in Yucatan. With the pyramids strongly indicated as the sources of the time anomalies, separate teams of scientists are dispatched to investigate each one before Earth becomes a crazy quilt of rival time periods. Unfortunately, a resourceful environmentalist has designs on detonating warheads near a third, previously unknown pyramid to create his own version of paradise. David's storytelling has markedly improved since Footprints, and this book includes enough toothsome confrontations and century hopping to please both dinosaur and time-travel aficionados." - Carl Hays
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There's no way I could have described this book so I chose to use a review from Amazon. I liked this book better than the first one. The action was great especially the face-off between a group of velociraptors and a team of sled dogs. It's pretty easy to get confused by all the time-hopping so read carefully. All in all, pretty satisfying. It makes me want to read the first one again so I can get things straight in my head again.

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