Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sarah and I attended NorthWest Church on Sunday morning and it felt good. Even though we enjoyed the evening service better, we felt comfortable and folks were very friendly. After the service, we attended Jeff's class called "The Glorious Ruin" which is an open forum for faith and the arts. It was extremely enjoyable. The topic of the day was envy and it certainly hit me between the eyes. At the end of the class Jeff challenged us to be aware of our moments of envy and even write them down. I will do so here but I am trying to keep the monster in check.
It's been refreshing to be a part of the artists community of NorthWest Church. We've not immersed ourselves fully into it but it's been nice to be a part of a group of artists again. In college, I had my artists friends at school and in seminary I had the drama team. These were my communities. Except for in small ways, I haven't had that since leaving seminary. It's nice to experience it again. I hope and pray it lasts.

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