Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Some of you may have noticed that I've changed my site description. Well, it was time for a change. I have changed. Don't get me wrong. I feel just as rebellious as ever. It's the righteous part that I have a problem with. The description used to say something like "Random rants from the reigning ruler of righteous rebellion." Geez. What a load of sh---aving cream!
You see, in the past, I've been on a warpath against the church. They swear up and down that they want to change and they want to be relevant and they want to reach people...but...try to change something or be creative and you're treated like you've built another Golden Calf. I've been run over, chewed up, and spit out more times than I care to mention and I am tired. I still don't agree with the church and the directions it's going (It doesn't know where it's going) but I just don't care enough anymore to try and be a catalyst for change. I'm so full of doubt about everything that has to do with my faith I'm basically a toothless, clawless lion in the fight. So, I have decided to back off from my "righteous rebellion" and address my faith issues. Perhaps in this "search" the lion may return but for now...the lion sleeps tonight. Believe me, he needs the rest.

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