Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moved and Moved!

The big move has happened. We got all our stuff moved across the expanse of the great hallway and into the new apartment. It is so big compared to our old place. We have lots of room. We are most excited about the studio. We've turned our extra bedroom into an art studio. Sarah has broken it in more than I have. I've been busy revising the Summersalt script while she's had a little time to work on art. There are still some things to tweak in the apartment but most stuff is in it's place. It's so nice to have some elbow room.
This past Sunday night (we slept in Sunday morning - GASP!) we went to Northwest Church. Since meeting with Jeff's artist group over there, we've been curious about church. We enjoyed it. Sarah said she felt like she had been to church and that she felt free to worship the way she's comfortable. I enjoyed the music (after a rocky start) and especially enjoyed the message. This pastor served up his sermon with a little more "meat" than some of the others we've encountered. It was basic enough to understand but there were plenty of ideas thrown out that one could chew on. They presented a drama (refreshing) that was well written and well performed. (Thanks Jeff and Allan) All in all, I believe we'll return but we are also going to visit some other churches in the area. Sanctuary has been more than good to us and we love Randy and all the guys but it's just not clicking. Plus, Sarah and I are at the theatre way too much as it is. I don't know where we'll end up but I hope it feels like home.

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