Thursday, May 04, 2006

Welcome to my Nightmare

Woah! Did I have a doozy of a nightmare last night. I usually don't dream. Well, I know everyone dreams but I don't usually remember mine. Anyway, in the dream I witness a plane crash. It falls out of the sky and sticks in the ground standing straight up. (tail in the air) The next thing I remember is me and a bunch of old friends from Pensacola are in a room at the airport awaiting word about our loved ones that were in the crash. One old friend, David, comes in alive and jabbering up a storm. This gives us all hope that the others are alive. Eventually, an airport representative enters the room and, at this point, I know it's bad news. There are three dead in the crash that I know. My dad, Russell, and someone else I can't remember. And that's it. Really, really strange. I woke up this morning feeling like a truck had run over me. The alarm woke me which is unusual because I usually wake up before the alarm and turn it off.
I hate nightmares. And I didn't even eat pizza last night.

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