Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Creative Constipation

Okay, we moved and now we have a bunch of space including an art studio for Sarah and I to be creative in. It will also double as a writing space as soon as I can get the computer set up. Well, I haven't had any time to spend in there due to a script revision I've been doing for Summersalt. Yesterday, I finished the script and decided to go into the studio and work on art for a while. When I got there and sat down at my table...nothing. Nada. Zip. The muse has forsaken me. Nothing flowed out of me. Last week was such a good week of meaningful creative time and now I've got nothing. Arrgh! That's so frustrating. I guess I should do one of my creative unclogging exercises. Usually, I just pull out a bunch of stuff and just start slapping it down in collage form with no previous thought. Just brainless cut and paste. That usually frees me up. I guess you could say it's a cure for creative constipation.

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