Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Greenwood Seafair Parade

Tonight is the 56th Greenwood Seafair Parade. On the morning of the parade, people arrive early to stake out a good place with chairs. (and no one steals them) It's a huge event for the neigborhood.
Amazingly enough, Sarah and I got asked to emcee this parade for the 2nd year in a row. Last year, Sarah had been here 5 months and I a mere month. We knew nothing about Seattle and we're hosting this parade. Sheesh! (got the gig thru the theatre...I guess no one else wanted to do it) We got thru it and actually were complimented on doing a good job. And the biggest compliment, I guess, is being asked to do it again. And we're getting a raise from last years compensation. (we're gonna renew our zoo membership and go out to eat with the $)
I'll give a report on how things go tomorrow. Last year, we had some interesting run-ins with some interesting characters including the Seafair Pirates. I believe we're borrowing a Super Soaker to deal with those brigands this year. Wish us luck. Film at 11.

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