Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Camp Stories

Okay, I have to tell this one. It's too good.

- During one of the 3-6th grade camps, I had to take care of a little boy named Wade. Wade had cerebral palsy and he was one of the sweetest kids in the world. On one occasion, someone came by the cabin looking for him. He was in the shower but one of the boys stuck his head in there and told him someone wanted to see him. Well, see him they did. Wade walked out of the shower buck naked and out the door to see who wanted to see him. It was horrifying and hilarious all at the same time.
Another time, the boys came to me and said, "Marty, Wade keeps kissing us." I said, "Well, he loves you all and he just wants to you to know it." They answered back in true boy form, "Yeah, but boys don't kiss boys." So I said I'd talk to him. We gathered together as a group and I tried to explain the situation. Wade simply answered, "But I love them." Before I could say anything else, Wade wrapped his arms around me and planted a huge, wet kiss right on my belly (I had no shirt on having just come from the lake) and said, "And I love you too." I looked over at the boys and said, "You're on your own."

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