Monday, July 24, 2006

Twilight Artist Collective

Well, it's official. Sarah and I now have art in a gallery in Seattle. And it's located in the Pike Place Market which is the #2 tourist attraction in the city. (can you guess #1) That means they get a lot of traffic. Will our stuff sell? Who knows. At least it's out there and that's the main thing. I haven't had work in a gallery since the early 80's in Pensacola. This is extremely exciting for me even if it is a big experiment. There is another gallery that has been interested in my work but they only wanted prints or cards so I think I will concentrate on matting some prints for both places. I guess there's also the possibility of selling prints on the web. Lots of options. I just hope we make a little money. I'm sure all proceeds would be poured back into the least for now. Heck, Sarah and I might become icons of the art world and...okay...I can dream, can't I? Andy Warhol once said, "Everyone is famous for 15 minutes." I'm looking for at least a half hour.

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