Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Meringue Menace

My mother has been sending us a bunch of recipes of late. We've tried a couple and they are good. Well, being the dessert lover that I am, I asked her to send the recipe for Lemon Meringue Pie. I love that stuff! So, we bought the ingredients needed to make it and I decide to make one this morning. I get all the stuff out and Sarah teaches me how to separate an egg. (I'm very teachable in the kitchen) I put together the pie innards and get it in the pie shell. Now, it's time to make the meringue. The instructions say to "beat egg whites and 6 tbs sugar until stiff peaks form." What it should have said was, "beat the livin' hell out of the egg whites and 6 tbs sugar until your arm falls off. Then, beat it some more and then maybe...if you're will get stiff." If I knew making meringue was that hard, I would have made a chocolate cake. So, I finally get the meringue whipped into a frenzied stiffness. (I threatened to add Viagra to the recipe if it had taken longer) Now the instructions say, " Bake at 250 degrees until brown. It doesn't take long." Okay...oven at 250...pie goes in. Tick-tock...30 minutes go by and the stuff still ain't brown. All the heat did was make the meringue go flat. The pie tastes okay but there's definitely something wrong. I will be consulting with my mom on that next time we talk on the phone. Maybe it does need some Viagra.


Ash said...

There are so many responses to this post floating and flitting around in my brain. But, you know what.. For once in my life I am going to keep them to myself! I am just not going to go there! Well... maybe I will just let one slip out about the Viagra and the... no... I just can't... I am a mother now and a Sunday School Teacher!

Anonymous said...

Try letting your egg whites come to room temperature and adding about 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar. And beat them with an electric mixer. Then bake at about 350F for just a few minutes--keep watch!! This should "beat" them into submission, and they won't deflate. At least it works for me! And just think of the stories you can tell then about Viagara, and beating, and 'hard' meringue, and it 'just wouldn't deflate'!!! hehee
By the way--I'm one of Sarah's old friends from "back home" in Galena. And yes, I am a sicko who voyeuristically keeps up with you and Sarah by reading the blogs--makes me feel like I'm in touch even though I'm usually too tired and lazy to write an email.
So--good luck with the egg whites next time, and it's nice to meet you (or at least introduce myself to you!)
Susan Risinger
P.S. Make sure it's not a really humid day when you make meringue--or make sure your AC is on. Moist air is a beaten egg white's worst enemy!!