Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some Things I Don't Miss About the South

In no particular order:

- The weather. Man, the summer's here are gorgeous. Low humidity. Most days in the 70's. Nights in the 50's. Oh mercy. It's like heaven. Oh sure, it gets pretty dang hot here sometimes (which is tough due to the fact that no one here has AC 'cuz they don't need it) but for the most part, it's nice. Real nice.

- Lack of support for the Arts. Seattle is the third ranking city in the US for live theatre. There are tons of galleries and museums here. It's a very artsy place. I like that. And if you tell someone you're an artist, they don't look at you like you just passed gas. I really like that.

- Rednecks. Sorry folks. Don't really miss 'em, bless their NASCAR lovin, deer killin', hook wettin', truck drivin', beer drinkin', trailer dwellin' little hearts.

- Southern Baptist churches. In the South, there's one on every corner. If it's an intersection, there are 4 facing each other with competing messages on their signs like it's a gas war or something. Out here, you would have to throw a rock a long way to hit an SBC church. I've heard that if you show up here wanting to start an SBC church, they make you turn around and go back home.

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