Monday, September 17, 2007


...the age at which Marty's body rebelled against him. I guess I'm at that age where everything starts to go. I've always been a very healthy person so this is a bit frustrating. Here's the scoop so far.
I've already updated you on the H. Pylori and GERD situation. On Saturday I got an email from my doc (actually she's a physician's assistant) saying that my EKG was a little odd. She suspects an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). I have to get a chest x-ray and follow up with her this week. I will make those appointments today.
Meanwhile, on the gastrointestinal side of things, I am taking the antibiotics which have adverse effects on my body's waste disposal abilities. The doc warned about this but it's still a pain in the tuckus. I just hope it's all working to get those critters out of my system. I'm ready to start feeling better.
This past weekend was the start of rehearsals for our church's Christmas musical. I have a pretty substantial part this year with singing solos. Because of the health issues I'm having added to the fact that I haven't sung in 3 years, I wasn't happy with what was coming out my mouth musically. At Sunday's rehearsal, I was standing there trying to sing, very uncomfortable due to some gas and bloating and trying not to think about how scary it is to have anything wrong with your heart even if it does turn out to be minor. All of this combined into a heady mix of emotion and I had a meltdown. Several folks from the group sensed my distress (even before I started crying) and came over to pray for me. By this time, Sarah had sensed my distress and come over to see what was up. We left the room for a bit so that I could compose myself and then we eventually rejoined the rehearsal. I actually felt better after the meltdown. I think it helped to get it all out. I'm not much of a cryer but Sunday's tearfest actually felt good in retrospect.
I'll be glad when this week is over because maybe that will mean I will know what's up with the heart thing and I will be that much closer to being rid of Mr. Pylori and his ilk.


Unknown said...

There are prayers coming from the East coast as well. Let us know how everything comes out (the tests and the songs :) ).

Remember two of the biggest hits of Broadway history starred guys that couldn't carry a tune (Rex Harrison - My Fair Lady & Richard Burton - Camelot). And the original Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls was asked not to sing the group numbers because he was so off-key he threw off the other actors. You'll be great.

Cassie said...

Feelin' for ya!

I have acid reflux disease. I pop a little pill every morning and things are typically fine.

As for the heart thing- yah, that's scary. I get this flutter sort of thing going on. My doc said to take calcium and magnesium to see if that helped. It did. (600 mg calcium & 300 mg Magnesium twice daily). You might ask about it. I am curious as to what your doc comes up with.

And hey, everybody needs a good cry once in a while. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

BTW, I thought you did a great job in rehearsal.

Anonymous said...

Blessings on you, friend. Health uncertainties have a way of weighing upon one's mind & soul.

Praying for you.