Monday, September 24, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

On Sunday, Sarah and I emceed the CityDog Magazine's 2nd Annual Cover Dog Model Search at the Fremont Oktoberfest. After church in the AM, we headed home to meet up with Adam and Heather to head to the event. We dragged them along because we had been given 2 extra comp tickets. We were originally going to take the bus but it was so late Adam went back for his vehicle and we drove down.
When we arrived, we ate brats, burgers and curly fries. It was expensive but pretty good. We then made our way to the Beer Garden where our tickets afforded each of us a small mug and four tastes. We gave all our beer tokens to A & H but took a couple back when we saw that we could sample some hard cider. (we don't drink beer) Sarah loved the pear cider. I had some raspberry and it was only okay in my opinion. I'm pretty lightweight when it comes to drinking.
As we walked among the booths, I spotted Justin Hillgrove who shows art at one of the same venues I do. I introduced myself and we chatted a bit. asked him about selling art at festivals and such and he gave me some good starter advice.
After that, it was time to go to the, that is. We found our spots and ran those puppies through like an assembly line. We had to get through 145 dogs in 45 minutes and we did it. The winners were a couple of weimeraner puppies who will end up on the cover of City Dog Magazine. Eventually, they will post pics of all the contestants from yesterday on their site. If you like cute doggies, go check it out. All I can say is that it was an easy and fun event and we got paid to do it. Sweet! I hope they throw some more stuff like that our way.
To end our Fremont trip, we shopped a bit. I found some vintage clothes patterns and cards(I use them in my art) and a few cheap DVD's. We then grabbed the bus to make our way back home. On the bus we ran into Lisa and Hayden who run the Green Bean. It's a non-profit coffeehouse that's next to the theatre. They had been at Pike Place Market all day. We got to talking about our days and then we talked about my art a bit since I've got a bit at the Market. Looks like I'm going to have a show at the Green Bean next spring. They're stacking up!
Once home, we crashed. This is tech week for Sarah. They are opening The Importance of Being Earnest on Friday. She did a kick-butt job on the costumes for this show. They look great! We watched a little TV and I massaged her feet before we hit the hay. We walked a lot that day and as a result...wait for it...
...our dogs were barkin'!

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Unknown said...

And to think, in some parts of the world they use them for food (thank you Fred Willard). Congrats on all the shows!