Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Health Update

I went for the chest x-ray follow-up today. Sarah went with me because I was very worried. (I'm a worrier) The doc said that my heart looked and sounded good. She's not sure what the flutter is that I'm experiencing but she said everyone's heart does something funky from time to the time. If it starts happening frequently, I am to report in and wear a 24 hour EKG thingy. I will stay on top of that.
She also told me some things that make me more hopeful for my gastroesophageal future. It seems the antibiotics are to rid me of the bacteria and to heal me of the GERD. Man, it would be so great to live a relatively heartburn free life. I hope it all works out the way she hopes.
I do have to go back for a follow-up x-ray in a month because I didn't take a deep enough breath when they shot the picture. I thought that might be cause for alarm but she said if they had seen anything that looked even remotely suspicious they would have signed me up for a lot more tests.
She did tell me to work on getting my cholesterol in line. It's not terrible but it's not where it should be. Eating less and exercising should do it.
Having this little scare has really made me appreciate the life I have. Sure, it's not ideal but, all in all, it's a great little life. Plus, I've only had 1.5 years of married life with Sarah and I want a lot more. I just need to get a bit more healthy so I can be a better husband for her. She deserves it.
Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for me during this scary time. Thanks especially to our friends at NW Church. Them's good people.

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