Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art Walk Update

Last night was my opening at the Forum Center during the Ballard Art Walk. We had a good crowd between 7 and 8 but it tapered off after that. My host and sponsor for the event, Andrew of Re/Max Realty, had wine, soda, and snacks laid out as we arrived. Sarah prepared her famous homemade salsa which went over real well. Andrew turned on some music and we were ready. Bring on the crowds!
The first hour brought quite a few enthusiastic folks through the space. I received many compliments and answered questions about how the work is created. Ted from my old writer's group (I had to quit to concentrate on the art thing) stopped by. He's an amazing guy. He has done so many cool things in his life and knows or has known so many interesting people. (Ray Bradbury, Jack Kirby, Gerry Conway, and on and on) He was updating me on his book release. He's written a pictorial history of the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood and it will be out in January. As he told me story after story about the neighborhood and his career I told him he should write his biography. I'm sure it would be a fantastic read.
Lindsey from On The House stopped by. She informed me that there have been some setbacks in the art show program at OTH so my show in November may not happen. At this point, I'm not counting on it.
Later in the night we met Tom and Lisa. He's an artist and she's a writer. We talked to them for a long time. That's one of the things I like about doing these events. It gives me a chance to talk to other artists. Bob, who was there when I hung the show on Friday, also stopped by for a few minutes. I've encouraged him to get his art on the web even if he just throws it all up on a Blogger page like I have. He makes these interesting polymer sculptures w/ lights that shine up through the center. Very cool!
A couple of friends from Taproot stopped by. Nikki dropped by with a friend and encouraged me with her laughter at my work. Just as we were getting ready to clean up, Chris and Laurel came in with a burst of youthful energy. As we old fogies were getting ready to head home, their night was just beginning.
All in all, it was an enjoyable night. I'd like to have seen more people come through but...small moves, Marty. Small moves. A big thank you to Andrew for the opportunity. He is a big supporter of upcoming artists, a modern day patron of sorts. That's a rare find in this day and age. Final thanks go to my lovely wife Sarah for being my biggest supporter, my muse, and the best salsa maker I know. I couldn't do any of it without her.

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