Friday, October 19, 2007

Collage Clearinghouse

Julie put up a nice little blurb about me over at Collage Clearinghouse. Thanks a bunch, Julie! And I'm right next to Yayoi Kusama. Nice!
This is a site that I will definitely be visiting frequently. If you are into collage at all, check it out!

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Allen said...

Small steps Marty. Although it looks like the steps are going in a good direction right now. Thanks for the Mel Blanc posting of couple of days ago. One of my favorite wall hangings is a special animation cel in honor of Mel's death entitled "Speechless" (

On a different note, keep your eyes peeled when you go to the mailbox. Mel and I are sending you a little creative fodder. Actually 26 little somethings that we hope you will be excited to have.

Thanks for the copy of Don Quixote. I am working my way through it right now, and enjoying it thoroughly.