Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Sarah and I participated in Trunk or Treat at our church again this year. The theme for our trunk this year was "Mad Scientists." As you can see from the pictures, we had a fun and crazy time turning our jeep into a laboratory. Sarah told all the kids that I had lost my marbles and they had to find them and put them back in the jar. If they did, they got candy.
Participation was down from last year...probably because of recent events in our church. We'd sure like to see folks get behind this as an event for the community. It could really be spectacular (or is that spooktacular) if everyone would pitch in and help. Sarah and I did our part this year and even threw alot of ideas in the ring. Kent built a maze out of cardboard boxes that was a big hit. We've just got to find a way to get people involved. Sarah had a great idea to boost participation by offering great prizes for the best trunk. Unfortunately the whole thing got lost in the shuffle of the transition weirdness at church. We still offered prizes (Taproot tickets, Olive Garden and Starbucks gift certificates) and I guess we'll find out who won on Sunday. I think they let the kids pick. Zack told us that he voted us third because we had spiders (doesn't like them) and weird eyeball candy (apparently doesn't like those either). At least he knows what he likes. My money's on Jellybean the clown. Her trunk was very popular. Her balloon creations were a big hit!
So, another Trunk or Treat has passed. My hope is that we can get our ducks in a row and really grow this thing for next year.
Yeah, I like Halloween. Can you tell?

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becca said...

Yikes! You guys were scarey looking! Good job. I'm glad it was fun.