Monday, October 29, 2007

What's Goin' On!

Here's an update on all things Marty.
First of all, yesterday was the last day for our pastor Milt. He and his wife Barbie are headed to Amarillo for a new chapter of ministry. Their son Pat, our worship leader, is headed to California to continue his education. Our youth minister's last Sunday was a couple of weeks ago. So, as you can see, transitional days are ahead for our church. Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings for Sarah and I. Milt and Barbie were at NW Church for 29 years. We knew them (barely) for 1 of those years. It was strange to be so disconnected from the feelings of loss shared by the congregation. We'll miss them but we still feel so new to that church. In a way, I'm glad we weren't able to attend the send off banquet last night. I think it might have been a bit awkward for us. We, unlike so many folks around us, have no tears to shed.
And now on to the health report. I did my fast and my two days of bland food. I've now spent a week eating an essentially alkaline heavy diet (as opposed to acidic) and it seems to be working. I have experienced a significantly lower level of gas and very little, if any, discomfort. The only problem with all of this is having to give up some foods that I like but aren't good for me. Oh well. I guess my health is more important than Diet Coke.
Finally, the best news of all. I got an email from the owner of the cafe in Wallingford where my work is displayed this month. I sold 2 pieces with no commission and she wants me to leave my stuff up a bit longer. I will head over tomorrow to replace the pieces sold and pick up the money. That is so great because I have some stuff I need to buy to get ready for my next show in Edmonds. I finally received the sample prints and they look great so I'm going to order more. I'm also going to buy a portable print rack, some more business cards, and perhaps some more frames. All that money is going back into the art but there's great potential for more sales in the future because I can sell the prints for an affordable price.
So, that's about it. We've got a busy week ahead with work, prep for art shows, Christmas musical rehearsals, memory work for the rehearsals, and preparing for Trunk or Treat at our church on Halloween night.
Wow! That's alot. I'd better get crackin'.

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becca said...

Congratulations on the sales!!