Monday, October 22, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

I am fasting today in an attempt to rid myself of the evil H. Pylori bacteria that have been plaguing my system. Doctors have been no help at all so I've been doing research on the internet. Sarah and I figured this approach may work but if it doesn't it won't hurt me. After the 24 hour fast, I will eat alkalinic foods for 2 days. Basically that means fruit and veggies. This approach worked for someone on the internet. I hope it works for me.
Since I've had this problem, I've dropped some weight but that's a good thing. The weight loss is due to eating differently in the hopes of improving my health. I've dropped between 15-20 lbs since March but most of it has come off in the past 3 months. I feel better in that respect but the whole gastro thing robs me of my focus and affects my mood. Everything in my life has suffered because of it. I want to feel better. Wish me luck.

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adam said...

try probiotics...i used to work camera/production for a health show and that doctor said this helps with any digestion problems and i trust him and his advice...if you want his brand, it's expensive but all of his stuff is certified organic, it's but there are other kinds and even some kinds of yogurt products with this stuff in it. i don't know if it'll help but if you've tried everything else, i'd say go for it...