Friday, October 19, 2007

A Mighty Wind

Yesterday, Sarah and I stopped by Edmonds to check out where my art is going to be next month. Just as we were arriving, a huge wind kicked up and kept kicking. It was very strong. As we left to head home, streets that were clean when we arrived were covered in debri. You should have seen the whitecaps on Puget Sound. It was nuts. There was a big tree branch down this morning as I walked into work. The weather is weird. Right now, we're in a thunderstorm and I've just been informed that it's hailing. Grand!
This morning I was met with an email asking if my family was okay. It seems Pensacola was hit by a series of tornadoes yesterday. I have been in touch with everyone and they are okay but I'm sure it was pretty scary. I watched a video on YouTube that showed transformers exploding as the storm passed in the distance. Wild!
One of my friends responded with, "I'm not sure what happened .... but I've met a kindly tin man .... and a timid lion .... and a funny scarecrow and we are going to see the wizard! Oh, I do miss Auntie M!!"
Smart ass! I love it!

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