Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Backtracking

Every once in a while I like to look back at past entries in my blog. I usually go back annually...for example, to March. Sometimes it's quite interesting to see what was up back then. A couple of coincidences popped up. Last March I watched a documentary about architect Frank Gehry. Just the other day I heard a podcast report about a guy who has written a book calling Gehry a hack. Last March I read the book Deep Storm by Lincoln Child. This year I am reading the book Blasphemy by Child's writing partner Douglas Preston. In March 2 years ago Sarah and I got an annual pass for the Argosy Cruises. All this month I've been thinking that we should do that again. I even mentioned it out loud to Sarah the other day. Funny little coincidences.
Go back to March 2 years ago and you'll also see blog entries about our wedding and honeymoon. I guess with all the craziness I didn't get around to blogging about it until March. (We were married Feb. 19) Also in March is Sarah's birthday. This year is one of the first times she hasn't had a tech rehearsal or something on that day that is work related. Unfortunately her birthday is on a Monday so I guess she'll have to work. But we'll find some way of celebrating. No worries.
If you're a blogger with several years worth of entries under your belt, you should do a little time travelling and see what you were up to in the past. It can be quite enlightening and entertaining.

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