Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Down on the Corner

Last night, Sarah and I had just turned the lights out to begin our slumber when all of a sudden there came the sound of a horrendous crash thru the window. Two cars had decided to see who would win in a contest of speed and contact. The little red one lost. She ended up with her car sitting on top of a fire hydrant and a trip to the ER via ambulance. Very exciting for nearly midnight.
We live on the corner of a fairly busy intersection. We see our fair share of accidents from the windows of our third floor apartment although nothing beats the sensation of hearing one thru the window when we're in bed. I usually sit there for a moment and try to decide if it's real or I dreamt it. Not Sarah. She jumps out of bed as if someone threw a tarantula on her. Last night I thought she was going to springboard the cat across the room. There's nothing worse than sleeping with an accident watching rubbernecker.
The worst accident we saw was across the street at Mr. Fix-It's house. He's the guy with umpteen kids who's always adding on to the house or something. At this point, he had just finished putting up a wooden fence. It had taken him ages to build the thing. Well, not too long after he finished some lady ran a guy off the road and he ended up with the front end of his car up on the wall and thru Mr. Fix-It's new fence. The funny thing was as people walked or drove by we heard more than one of them say, "What a shame. He just finished that fence." Well, you'll be happy to know that Mr. Fix-It has restored the fence albeit with a big boulder on the corner protecting the area that was damaged before.
Who needs TV with this kind of drama outside the window.

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Vintage Racer said...

Boy, some people have all the fun!!