Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird Day, Weird Week

This morning, I go to start the jeep and it's sluggish and almost won't start. I try it a few more times and it starts working fine. I drive to work and try it again once I've stopped and it won't do anything. So, I go to work hoping I can start it later to take it to the mechanic. Well, it starts but just barely so I take it to the mechanic. Once I get it there, it won't not start. He shakes his head and says if we can't duplicate the problem he doesn't know what to fix. I drive it home and it's been starting fine ever since. I don't get it.
To top all that off, I've been having trouble with my GERD. The last couple of days I've been experiencing major discomfort and hardly slept at all last night. I'm wondering if it's something I ate or if I need to fast to purge my system again. I'm going to drink lots of water, eat light and if it's not better by Monday I'll fast for a day.
I'll be glad when this week from hell is over.

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adam said...

take it in to autozone or somewhere like that and get them to check the alternator and battery...that's what it sounds like to me a person who's done with american cars b/c of electric problems...