Monday, September 04, 2006

Cruisin' Seattle

Sarah and I persuaded Adam and Heather to accompany us on an evening cruise last night. We had a good time. Before the cruise, we went by the gallery where Sarah and I have art. Sarah has sold two pieces and I have sold none. Way to go, baby! We then headed down to the waterfront and grabbed some dinner and drinks at Red Robin. We sat outside by the water and it was very relaxing.
The cruise was also very relaxing. During the summer, they run late cruises thru the locks so it was great to be out on the water during dusk. It was a beautiful evening. I took our new camera and will post some shots to my Flickr site when I get a chance. One of the unique things about last night's cruise was that the salmon were running. After we went thru the Ballard Locks we saw dozens of King Salmon (or Chinook) jumping. They are pretty big fish (around 50 lbs according to our guide) and it was amazing to see so many in one place. I hope we get a chance to go to the locks by land and see the fish ladder. I guess we should go soon while the salmon are running.

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