Monday, September 04, 2006

Uncle Terry, Pharmacist

My Uncle Terry works for Publix in Florida and he is being highlighted on the Publix Careers site. I don't know how long it will stay up so I'm preserving it here.

"At the age of 5, going door to door selling Rose Bud and Cloverine Salve to neighbors and friends, little did I know that the groundwork was being laid for my career as a pharmacist. Listening to their concerns about aches and pains, giving a smile or hug, and saying, "Let me know if you need anything more," taught me patience and understanding of others.
Fulfilling my parents' dream for one of five sons to obtain a college degree, I achieved that goal in 1969 from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Years of working in my own pharmacy then taught me customer service and the satisfaction of going that extra mile - whether it be lending a listening ear, sharing a simple smile, going in a few minutes early or staying late, delivering prescriptions to invalid patients who cannot drive, and yes, even returning to the pharmacy after closing to give that much needed prescription.
Publix has allowed me to continue those early-learned values of concern and caring for people. In working for Publix, I have found that doing whatever it takes to help someone, be it customer or employee, is the PUBLIX WAY. Thank you to my parents and Publix for allowing me to serve others."

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