Monday, September 04, 2006

When Doubt Overshadows Belief

" questions far outnumber any answers I've received. Early questions like,
God, where are you in all this?
gradually gave way to,
God, did you really speak to me at all, or was it just my own ideas and desires being wrongly attributed to you?
And then, questions like,
Do you really speak to and lead people at all, God?
eventually led to,
Do you even exist?"

1) Belief Requires Trust

"Believing in God is quite different from believing God. Eighty-five percent of Americans claim to believe in God, but very few of us really reorient our lives around that belief."

2) Belief Is Not the Absence of Doubt

"Rather, trust is most often deepened in working through the presence of doubt."

"Sometimes the greatest act of faith is in the doubting."
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

3) Belief Demands Action

"You can always tell what a person really believes by his or her actions."
- Jonathan Edwards

Source: Scott Larson in A Place for Skeptics

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