Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Djembe Lessons

I had my first lesson last night and it was fun. I found out that I know exactly squat about the correct way to play. But that's why you take lessons, correct? The teacher is cool...very knowledgeable. There's only two of us in the class and it was iffy as to whether it would be enough for him to justify coming out for the lesson (he lives on Vashon Island) but, in the end, he decided that between us and the advanced class, he had enough. (WHEW!)
So, between last night and today, I've forgotten more than I remember. I am going to take a tape recorder next week so I can record the lesson. I've got to find some time here in a bit to practice. How in the world am I going to find time to work, practice djembe, make art, write, take an acting class, be in the Christmas play and spend time with my wife? Geez, how did all that sneak up on me like that?
Anyway...I love the lessons and hope this is an ongoing thing. I love drumming. I have really missed making music these past couple of years. I miss being in a band jamming with my friends singing and playing great old songs. I hope the drumming will fill that void.

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