Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Wrong Pastor

Sarah and I auditioned for the Christmas musical/play at church on Sunday. Today we found out the results. I got a small part as The Wrong Pastor which, in a way, seems appropriate for me. Sarah got the part of Aunt Pookie after Jeff told her to try the part "just for fun." She nailed it!
After seeing the results, I suffered the briefest bout of envy and then got over myself. I had hoped for a slightly bigger or more colorful part but, after auditions, really didn't know if there was a part for me. Honestly, were I to cast the thing, I would have made some of the same choices Jeff made. I told Sarah as we left that I wasn't sure there was a part in it that I could play. And seeing as how we are doing this partially to get to know folks, it's a great deal to just be a part of this.
Another factor is that I am taking an acting/performance class at Taproot in a few weeks and it's a big time commitment. So, I wasn't out for the lead anyway. I'm also taking djembe (african drum) lessons and that is also a big commitment. Plus, I am really dedicated to making art right now and I would not enjoy life if I didn't have time for that.
So, brushing envy aside, I somewhat joyfully embrace the upcoming busyness of fall in Seattle...which is a good thing because the butt indentation on the couch needs time to redistribute.

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