Wednesday, September 20, 2006


...all my troubles seemed so far away. Not really. Just seemed like a good opening.
Yesterday was an interesting day. It started fairly normally. Just your typical day of cleaning a theatre trying to get ready for opening night. It was about midday that things started happening.
One of my co-workers was fiddling with one of the exit lights so I stopped to give her a hand. Turns out the bracket was broken and it was hanging by a wire. (One of the actors from the show, the 6' 6" one, ran into with his head the night before) Well, neither one of us thought anything of it so she pulls out her Toolmaster Deluxe (you know, those thingies that have everything in one) and starts to take the bracket off the ceiling. Well, next thing I know she screams and slumps into the chair. She got quite a jolt. So, she recovers, we turn off the power at the breaker (DUH) and another co-worker finishes taking it down. I'm glad she's okay. I feel bad because just a minute before it happened I pretended to zap her! I said I was sorry about a hundred times and I told her her new 'fro looked great.
I spent the afternoon working on a backdrop for the Road Company. (not my norm but everyone is swamped) As I was leaving, I went to say goodbye to my wife and got to meet Grant Goodeve (of TV's Eight is Enough among other things) He's in the Christmas show and was getting measured for costumes.
Later, after a brief time at home, I went to my djembe lesson. Two more folks showed up this week and we had a great time. We laughed alot. I really like our instructor. He's very knowledgable but he smiles and laughs alot. He makes it fun...even when we are sucking.
After that, I arrived late for a meeting of the NW Artist's Group. It's a group of creative folks from our church that get together occasionally and share about what's happening creatively in our lives. Last night, we each shared artwork, poems, or whatever with the group. Jeff read us the prologue from his new book. I shared some collage. Other's shared poetry and Allen read part of a play he's writing. It was a great night. I hate that Sarah couldn't be there (due to getting the show ready to open) but next month we're going to host it at our house.
So, all in all, a good day. A day of shocks and drums and creative expressions.

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