Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in Iowa Part 5

Christmas Eve (12/24/07)
We got up late, got ready, dressed warm and walked into town. It was only 24 degrees this morning so it was like having a heat wave. I marveled at the snow drifts against her parent’s condo and the snowplow piles of snow that towered over our heads. We visited a unique gift shop and bought some cool ornaments and a cool birdhouse for my mom. After that, I took pictures of the town crèche with baby Jesus buried in snow and a sleepy church cemetery on a rolling hill. We headed back home, ate lunch and we’ve been pretty much just sitting around the rest of the afternoon. The Burch’s friend Ruth stopped by to spend the night with us. We played a definition game, ate lasagna and went to church.
The lasagna was good and church was pretty dull. The choir was pitiful w/ a couple of screechy sopranos drowning out the rest of the voices. At the end they had communion and a candle-lighting ceremony. Pretty standard. Nothing special.
I know this seems like a pretty dull entry but after the first few days activities we were ready for a dull day.
PS: I'll be posting other pics to my photo site when I get to it. The link is in the sidebar.

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