Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Gall

I had to take Sarah to Urgent Care this morning at 5:40 am. She had been in extreme pain since 2am thinking it was gas and that it would pass. Turns out it was her gall bladder. They let her come home (we got here about 2:20 pm) but she has to see someone in the next few days about the possibility of having the gall bladder removed. She is resting comfortably for the time being.
We've really been hit with a lot of junk lately. The jeep's been in the shop 3 times this month and we had to take Mickey to the pet ER a couple of weeks ago. We hope all this junk will abate soon. We're kinda tired.


Mark Bushor said...

I got hit by a gall bladder attack several years ago. It was filled with stones & the GB was removed within 24 hours.

No fun. Lots of pain.

Praying for you guys....

Warmest regards,
Mark Bushor

becca said...

my mom's done this. It's awful...
I'm praying for Sarah.