Monday, November 24, 2008

"Jesus Told Me To Tell You That"

I was riding the bus home from the mechanics a bit ago and I happened to hear a rather rambunctious conversation at the transfer station. Two young black men, one an apparent gangsta/crack dealer(?) and the other friendly but possibly a little nuts, were discussing spiritual issues. I couldn't hear both sides of the chat because gangsta didn't talk very loud but I did hear everything the nut said. He was preaching Jesus big time, trying to convince gangsta to give up his bling and live a righteous life. Eventually, gangsta moved on and the friendly nut got on my bus. He got off a few stops before me. As he exited, he said something to bus driver that I didn't catch but once he hit the street he shouted back, "Jesus told me to tell you that." As we drove off, he waved and smiled.
Riding the bus in Seattle is never boring.

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