Friday, November 07, 2008

Water Water Everywhere Redux

So, I was complaining about the water situation at work this week. We've had blocked sewer pipes, water seeping into the server room, broken pipes, etc. This morning I went in and found water dripping onto the IT desk. Fortunately we know what causes that so I went out and swept the water away from the front door...problem solved!
The great guys from Fox Plumbing came out and fixed the broken pipe under the Green Bean. They had to break thru the concrete to get to it. They were almost done when I left a while ago. Really friendly, dependable guys. I liked 'em.
Now, onto the server room. I showed that to the guys and they told me how to build a dam around a drain with asphalt patch to temporarily fix the problem. Once I swept all the water up and built the dam, the puddle along the wall in the server room dried up. I hope it's taken care of. I am going to check in on things over the weekend and see if it stays dry. We are going to have a metric buttload of rain over the weekend.
It doesn't rain in Seattle as much as they tell you it does but it's still a problem. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

How much is a metric buttload? Is that bigger or smaller than a 'standard' buttload? What do you multiply by for the conversion?