Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Countdown

Just joking. I'm not doing that. The Halloween Countdown was difficult enough. Sometimes it was struggle to come up with stuff to talk about. This next week may find me blogging less. I have a show to get ready for on Friday night. I've got around 24 new pieces to frame. Hopefully I'll find time in the next day or so to share a few Trunk or Treat photos with you all. It was a big success. The day was difficult, frustrating and exhausting but my wife raised the bar a mile high and I hope the church got a vision for what an event like this can be if you don't wait 'til the last minute and half-ass it. I heard more than a few people say they were thrilled to see it be so successful because it had been so skimpy in years past.
Sarah, you done good.

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