Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping Cart Art

I forgot to tell you about another weird experience I had on the street this week. I was raking leaves in front of the theatre when a guy I've talked to before stopped to chat. I don't know his story...whether he's homeless or not...but he hangs out at the Green Bean (non-profit coffeehouse) some. In front of the Green Bean this morning is a shopping cart with a few items in it. This guy (I really should find out his name) proceeds to tell me that it belongs to a lady who collects garbage and junk in shopping carts and then leaves it in front of a home or business. Supposedly she calls it art and only does it to people she likes but this guy was not happy about it and it seemed like, on this particular day, he was on a mission to spread the word about this woman. He also told me that she had many carts stashed in nearby places and, sure enough, when I went around to the back of the building, there they were right where he told me they would be. Later on, someone came by and gave the shopping cart a glancing look while asking me, "Does this belong to anyone?" I said, "Yes" and they moved on. A second later here comes the shopping cart art lady out the front door saying, "I guess I'm going to have to start sitting by the window." To protect her carts and her art.
If you ever thought your life was boring and that you never seem to have a story to tell, move to Seattle. If you hang out on the street or ride the bus long enough, you'll have a story...or two...or a dozen.

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